The Vancouver Police Department is facing scrutiny over a video that shows an officer shoving a man to the ground.

This incident took place sometime last fall around the city’s Downtown Eastside.

The VPD was seen questioning a woman when a man approaches police and an officer pushes him to the ground.

“It’s difficult to comment on what led to the apparent use of force by the VPD officer, however, it is very disturbing when you see such an escalated act happen,” Meenakshi Mannoe of the Pivot Legal Society said.

A use-of-force investigation was conducted.

“For folks who have been impacted by police violence there’s not a lot of faith that another VPD officer, maybe someone from their standards division, is necessarily going to investigate it to an acceptable degree,” Mannoe said.

Vancouver police said they won’t comment further on the incident as it is now being reviewed.

Police are not revealing the extent of the original investigation nor are they saying if all of the officers at the scene were interviewed.

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