Metro Vancouver Transit Police are investigating after someone snapped a photo of two people apparently riding on top of a Canada Line train.

Police say they were notified about two people on top of a train at Lansdowne Station around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

Social media user Dee Farrugia snapped a shot of the incident, later posting it on a Richmond Facebook group.

“Not strapped down to it or anything just on (top) taking photos like a bunch of dinguses,” she wrote.

“I have no idea how long they rode it but they were headed for waterfront. They’re lucky they didn’t fall and get killed.”

Officers tried to intercept the train at Bridgeport Station, but police say they believe the duo got off the train at Aberdeen Station and got away.

Transit police spokesperson Const. Mike Yake described the stunt as “not only stupid” but having a “high likelihood of severe injury or even death.”

“Metro Vancouver Transit Police are aware of photos circulating on social media and are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident,” Yake said.

“People who are caught either riding, standing or holding onto the exterior of the train are subject to fines or could be charged criminally.”

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