Theatre Kelowna is busy rehearsing its unique rendition of the classic, The Sleeping Beauty, with some unexpected twists and turns.

“It’s a really fun production,” said Noelle Jefferys, director.

“The queen is played by a male and there’s lots of slapstick comedy going on there … it’s not a true portrayal of Sleeping Beauty.”

It’s the Pantomime Version by Ben Crocker, providing a fresh take on the fairy tale that is allowing the actors to let their imaginations run wild.

“There’s quite a few fairies — there’s myself, Fairy Peaceful, and then there’s three, sort of, leader fairies and then there’s six … of the little glitter fairies and we flitter about the kingdom saving the princess against Carabosse the evil,” said Shannon Bracken, Fairy Peaceful.

There’s even a scheming cat who’s almost as wicked as her boss, Carrabosse the evil fairy.

“It’s just fun being evil,” said Jacqueline Seneshen, Spindleshanks.

“I love when the audience ‘boos.’ You need to ‘boo’ at the evil people during the show. So being part of the ‘boos’ squad is great.”

Of course, every royal family needs a royal staff.

“My character that I play is Billy the Butler and he’s the servant that just goes around and does everything for the king and queen, so, it’s a lot of work,” said Riegar Marks, Billy the Butler.

The more than 30 cast members are actors of all ages and experience levels, and there are even three members of one family performing together for the first time.

Jo Ward is performing with her two daughters: Luna Volka, eight, and Ruby Volka, 11.

“It’s awesome, T.K.S. is always so proudly a family-oriented focused group and they’re a very inclusive group so it’s really wonderful to have the opportunity to do this.”

The curtain will rise at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in the Mary Irwin Theatre Nov. 17 and the play will run until Nov. 25. For tickets visit

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