Penticton artist Bobi McMillan has a passion for cats; she’s so passionate that she made 100 clay cats and created the Crazy Cats and Curiosity Art Exhibit.

“There are a lot of crazy cats — they’re hand-built and made out of clay, some are glazed and some are painted and they all go through Bobi’s salon for cosmetic touchups,” said McMillan.

The cat-tastic exhibition is temporarily housed at the Penticton Art Council’s galleries at the Leir House Cultural Centre in Penticton where it’s bringing a little bit of cheer to visitors.

“When people like cats, they really like cats and Bobi actually has a few kitty groupies here so people just keep coming back,” said Bethany Handfield, Penticton and District Community Arts Council.

Many of the cats on display were inspired by famous artists to musicians and some just from her own imagination including David Bowie, Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dalí.

The Crazy Cats and Curiosity Exhibit will be open until Sept. 12 at the Leir House Cultural Centre in Penticton.

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