An Okanagan farm has partnered with the Westside Salvation Army to provide families in need with fresh boxes of vegetables while teaching kids the importance of agriculture and giving back.

As part of a week-long summer camp at Jackalope Farms, the kids learn the value of agriculture and the importance of helping people in need.

“We learn about planting, harvesting, crop rotation, we learn about beneficial insects, beneficial planting and we do some indigenous practices,” said Serina Penner, Jackalope Farms farmer and facilitator.

They have partnered with an organization, Incredible Edible Okanagan, that strives to end food insecurity in the Okanagan by delivering boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to the Westside Salvation Army.

“When we realize that we can really help others, it empowers us and it makes us feel like we can do better,” said Penner. “That’s the beautiful thing with kids, they get it right away.”

The donations are greatly appreciated by the families that receive them.

“We do have a program running right now called the Pathway of Hope, where we do a lot more intensive case management work with a smaller number of families,” said Jennifer Henson, Westside Salvation Army.

“So, this program is perfect because they were able to offer just a few boxes of produce weekly for a smaller number of families.”

The next Jackalope Farm Camp for kids runs from Aug. 23 to Aug. 27.

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