Maher blasts cancel culture over Teen Vogue editors ousting: Woke brats control the media now


“I swear to God, I don’t want to talk about cancel culture and this nonsense every week, but I just think people understand how this is a tsunami and how fast the goalposts change almost on a weekly basis,” Maher began the discussion on Friday night.

“Literally, on the top of my head … I wrote down three things that I could think of — not just what you do now… it’s anything you’ve ever done… Not just what you say, it’s now what you listen to, they can catch you for that. What you order, who you say you like, anything sort of association, if you retweet something.”

The subject later turned to the ousting of Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond, who was forced to resign even before she started the job after the magazine’s staff expressed outrage over allegedly racist and homophobic tweets she made a decade ago when she was a 17-year-old high schooler.


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