Vancouver has broken another weather record as the hot and dry weather continues.

At the Vancouver Airport weather station, it has set a new record for consecutive days with no rain at all, with the previous record set in 1986.

At the end of the day Friday, it will be 45 days with no precipitation.

Stretches of days with less than one millimetre of rain at Vancouver Airport have been as long as 75 days in the past but there has been at least some precipitation to measure.

If measurable rain does not fall before Aug. 26 this streak will also be broken.

While the airport has recorded no measurable rain, the City of Vancouver has not quite broken previous records.

It has now been 45 days since Vancouver has recorded any measurable rain since the last recordable amount fell on June 15.

Longer streaks were recorded in 1951 and 1986.

Global BC meteorologist Mark Madryga said while some areas may have recorded a trace amount of rain, it does not count against the streak as it’s not a measurable amount.

Everyone is reminded that conditions around B.C. are tinder dry and fires can spark at any time.

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