Like many Canadians, Morinville, Alta., resident Kristene Radtke believes there’s a lot at stake this federal election.

“I think this one is really important for everybody,” she said.

On Wednesday, however, she and her family all tested positive for COVID-19.

Radtke called Elections Canada to see if there were any options to cast her ballot Monday, but was told she wouldn’t be able to vote.

“‘There’s nothing we can do you,’” she said they told her. “‘You have to follow the protocol and you have to isolate.’”

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Radtke said she would have voted earlier, but was still undecided. She feels there should have been more options for circumstances like this, considering the timing of the election.

“There’s a lot of people — it’s not just me — that aren’t going to be able to vote — I’m just one,” she said.

“I still think I have a right to vote.”

A spokesperson for Elections Canada told Global News “it is unfortunate, but that is the legislation which Elections Canada must abide by. Only Parliament can make changes to the legislation.”

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The Elections Canada website notes “after Tuesday, Sept. 14, electors who have or believe they have COVID-19 and who have not already applied to vote by mail will not be able to vote.”

Radtke thinks that isn’t right.

“I’ve done my part — I’ve been vaccinated, I’m trying to protect everybody, wear a mask and following and heeding medical professionals and now I can’t vote — it just frustrates me,” she said.

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