Calling the Delhi government’s Happiness Curriculum in schools a “massive success”, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday claimed that every day 16 lakh children in Delhi schools start their day with mindfulness. The Happiness Curriculum, launched in July 2018, was brought with a vision to strengthen the foundations of happiness and well-being for all students through a 35-minute class conducted every day for all students in kindergarten to class 8 across 1,030 government schools in the national capital.

“Mindfulness is the cornerstone of the Happiness Curriculum and its biggest beauty is that every day 16 lakh children in Delhi start their studies in school with mindfulness. It has come as a turning point in the lives of students studying in Delhi schools and has relieved children from stress and increased their focus in studies,” Sisodia said during the “Mindful Education Awards 2021” programme here.

By practising mindfulness even in the difficult times of the Covid pandemic, children have worked to keep themselves as well as their families stress free, he noted.

Describing mindfulness as a “gift” given by India to the world in the field of emotional science, the deputy chief minister said it has been limited to 15 minutes of meditation from its actual goal of focusing on one’s life.

“People have learned to meditate very well but have not learned how to focus on their life. If we practise mindfulness by understanding its true meaning and start paying attention in our life too, then we can never do anything wrong,” he advised.

He said the Delhi government’s aim is to make mindfulness a mass movement and a part of everyone’s life in the city.

“And in fulfilling this dream and making mindfulness a mass movement, the school children will play the role of ambassadors and messengers of mindfulness,” a statement quoting Sisodia said.

The “Mindful Education Awards 2021” is an initiative to recognise, support and honour the efforts of schools in creating a mentally and physically healthy environment for the growth and development of children.

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