Tom Hardy Transforms Into Villainous ‘Venom’ in New Trailer


“We are Venom,” Tom Hardy’s anti-hero rasps in a deep voice in the first look of the scaly Spider-Man villain in footage shown on Monday at CinemaCon, a trade convention for theater owners, in Las Vegas.In the scene set in a parking lot, Hardy’s Eddie Brock grabs a man by the throat and while doing so, transforms his human head suddenly enveloped by the distinctive black alien skull of Venom with large, slanted white snake-like eyes and a wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth that opens wide to reveal a reptile-esque tongue. “I just have to say, being a part of this movie and playing Venom is truly a dream come true for me, because to be brutally honest, I was looking to do a movie that initially my son could watch,” Hardy said. “It appealed massively to me because he’s one of my favorite characters, and I chased after this movie both for me…and for my son.”

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