Taylor Hawkins: ‘Liam Gallagher is one of the last great rock stars’


olitics is so f***ing weird,” says Taylor Hawkins, the irrepressible drummer of Foo Fighters. “I can’t believe Trump is our president. It used to be some white-haired dude who said something every once in a while. The dynamic has changed completely.”

Trump, he continues, is a narcissist obsessed with fame and is “addicted” to social media. “He’s a symptom of where America’s at right now.”

The 47-year-old is wandering around his home in LA in search of a decent phone signal, having emerged from his studio where he’s been rehearsing for a new Foo Fighters record. The band have only just started talking about it – “it’s still in the foetal stage”, Hawkins says – but frontman Dave Grohl has sent him a few demos.

We’re actually meant to be talking about Hawkins’ other band, The Coattail Riders, for whom he drums, plays guitar and sings. Theirs is a palpably different sound to the Foos’ pummelling rock’n’roll, all operatic crescendos and choppy pianos. Get the Money, their new record out this week, has the sleazy desert grit of early Queens of the Stone Age, but is also furnished with fine vocal work from guests such as Chrissie Hynde and LeAnn Rimes. There’s also a rousing cover of The Yardbirds’ anti-war song “Shapes of Things”, whose lyrics, Hawkins says, are “still pertinent to today”.

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