Saskatoon police are investigating after reports several drinks at local establishments may have been tampered with.

In a tweet Tuesday, Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) said they have been called to three separate instances “in which individuals believed to have had their drinks tampered with.”

PSA: Drink Safety

— Saskatoon Police (@SaskatoonPolice) October 19, 2021

“Police are asking community members to look out for one another,” the tweet read, while also asking anyone taking part in Saskatoon’s nightlife “be watchful of the events occurring around them.”

In an email to Global News, SPS said the investigation is still in the preliminary stages, but they are aware of these instances and are encouraging the public to be vigilant if out at night.

Anyone who thinks their drink was tampered with, sees something, or suspects a friend may be in danger is asked to let staff at the establishment know and contact police.

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