Rural broadband received a funding boost from the provincial government Monday, as politicians gathered for the announcement in Newboro, Ont.

Ontario’s Infrastructure Minister, Kinga Surma, was joined by MPP Steve Clark and Mayor of Rideau Lakes Township Arie Hoogenboom to announce funding for two projects for the area.

“We want to make sure that people can be safe working from home, provide for their families and educate their children and access all of those things,” says Surma. “This is very, very important to our government.”

The minister announced that the province will be contributing almost $98,000 to allow over 500 people to get high-speed internet access.

Funding for the two projects in Rideau Lakes Township is to increase broadband access as part of a $4 billion commitment to rural broadband.

“Our project consists of two towers,” says Hoogenboom. “One is going to go up outside of Elgin and one is just going to go north of here, and the main spread of these towers is to service some of our lake-front properties.”

This funding announcement comes as part of the Ontario government’s investment of nearly $1.5 million through the Improving Connectivity for Ontario (ICON) program, set to provide high-speed internet access to over 900 homes and businesses.

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