New spicy Steak Rattlesnake Fries are sliding into Taco Bell for limited time

Rattlesnake Fries

Taco Bell’s new spicy side item has some bite.

The Mexican-style fast-food chain announced Thursday that Steak Rattlesnake Fries will slide into participating restaurants nationwide on Feb. 28. The fiery fries join Taco Bell’s popular Nacho Fries, which returned Jan. 24 and are available for a limited time.

Rattlesnake Fries also include the seasoned fries and nacho cheese but are topped with marinated steak, creamy jalapeño sauce and spicy jalapeños.

Taco Bell tested two spicy variations last summer in select Ohio restaurants – the Rattlesnake Fries and the even hotter Reaper Ranch Fries, named after a hot pepper. Feb. 28 is the first time the Rattlesnake Fries are available nationwide.

“Steak Rattlesnake Fries are here to rattle taste buds,” Taco Bell said in a statement. “For only $2.99, fans can enjoy the classic a la carte topped fries or elevate their fry game and get it burrito-style, carefully wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.”