MVPvets Partners with Veterati to Match Veterans with Professional Mentors


 MVPvets announced today a new partnership with Veterati to connect U.S. military veterans with a network of hundreds of mentors through an online mentoring platform. Veterati joins MVPvets’ other integrated resource partners who set the stage for veterans to successfully enter into the business and technology of health innovation sector.

Founded in 2012, MVPvets is a nationwide initiative dedicated to re-careering returning military veterans into meaningful life science professions by connecting them with needed resources, improving their knowledge of the industry, building up their business savvy and connecting them with employers. MVPvets posts thousands of job opportunities every month, hosts networking and training events across the country, partners with groups like Veterati to match veterans with one-on-one industry mentors, and provides participants with in-depth online training and career opportunities.

By leveraging a multi-pronged approach, MVPvets offers a robust set of resources to help transition veterans from military service to civilian careers. MVPvets works with life science and medical technology companies who are ready to onboard qualified veterans, integrates resource partners who bring expert skills and knowledge via online technology, refers veterans to mentors who help equip the individual for civilian employment, and engages directly with veterans who are ready to bring their highly valuable experience and dedication to the workplace.

Through its recently launched online community, MVPvets is proud to introduce its members to partnering resources like Veterati. Members are now able to take advantage of this newest Veterati partnership offering a unique platform specifically designed to connect U.S. veterans with mentors sharing professional advice and experience via phone, email, or in person.

“This partnership with Veterati, and their extensive network of professional volunteer mentors, will enable us to offer even more resources to U.S. military veterans,” said Michael R. Minogue, co-founder and Chairman of MVPvets. “Mentorship and quality training are powerful tools for veterans looking to build a career in the life sciences industry, and we are pleased to expand the resources available to our MVPvets network.”