Mexico: Builders bulldozing outskirts of Teotihuacan ruins

Mexico Builders bulldozing outskirts of Teotihuacan ruins

The Culture Department said it has repeatedly issued stop-work orders since March but the building crews have ignored them. The department estimated at least 25 ancient structures on the site are threatened, and it has filed a criminal complaint against those responsible.

Apparently, owners of farm plots are trying to turn the land into some sort of amusement park. The area is just outside and across a road from the site’s famous boulevard and pyramid complex.

The U.N. international council on monuments and sites said bulldozers threaten to raze as many as 15 acres (7 hectares) at the site, which is a protected area. The council also said looting of artifacts had been detected.

“Teotihuacán is an emblematic site declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO, that represents the highest expression of the identity of the people of Mexico,” the U.N. council said in a statement.

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