The countdown to the Kelowna Fringe Festival is on, this year’s lineup is eclectic and offers something for everyone to enjoy.

“There’s an exciting mix of everything from solo shows to musicals to unexpected adaptations of classics,” said Bonnie Gratz New Vintage Theatre artistic director.

The fringe festival offers a unique blend of genres and styles and gives creatives the chance to take their work to the stage.

“What is really exciting about this year‘s event is that so much of it is actually created by the performers themselves and it is a really esteemed and exciting group of performers that are known to the Okanagan,” said Gratz.

Kelowna performers Lyndsey Wong and Neville Bowman join forces to bring A Musical Romance. Maybe to the stage.

“It’s actually the story of a relationship — the direction of which it goes is decided by the audience,” said Bowman.

“So we meet each other and then from there, the audience decides what happens at multiple points and this is all done through song,” said Wong.

“We will both be on a piano each, so it’s kind of got a dueling pianos feel.”

The comedy, Emmy & Jess & Leo Watch TV, follows three roommates and a few guest stars, including a puppet.

“It follows three roommates as they go through their young adult life,” said Kendra Holly Grant, performer.

The Kelowna Fringe Festival will take place from Sept. 15 to 19 on stages in Lake Country, Kelowna and West Kelowna. Tickets are still available, visit for more details.

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