Johnny Depp’s Court Case Accuses Amber Heard Of Physical Abuse In Response To Depp Losing Millions


The first of two legal matters involving actor Johnny Depp that were delayed due to the pandemic are now underway. Depp is accusing the UK paper The Sun of libel following a story in which Depp was called a “wife-beater” and as part of his case, Depp has testified that it was, in fact, his then-wife Amber Heard who allegedly attacked the actor on a night several years ago when Depp says he’d discovered he had lost as much as $750 million and was millions of dollars in debt.

Johnny Depp’s multiple legal battles over the last few years seem to have come together. The actor had previously filed lawsuits against his former business managers, who then countersued him. Depp had claimed that his former managers were guilty of both fraud and negligence in regard to how his finances were handled. The business managers claimed that the actor’s financial issues were due to overspending on his own part.

In Johnny Depp’s testimony in this libel case on Monday, the actor stated that on the night he discovered the alleged financial problems, and he told Amber Heard, she became violent, throwing punches at him which he described as “haymakers” and “wild swinging,” according to People.