Jacob Rees-Mogg’s new book on the Victorians universally panned by critics


Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s new book has been savaged by the critics, who have dismissed his tribute to the Victorians as “staggeringly silly”, “sentimental jingoism” and “so terrible”.

The influential Brexiteer’s latest work The Victorians: Twelve Titans Who Forged Britain looks at the lives of a dozen eminent 19th-century figures – including Queen Victoria, Sir Robert Peel and Lord Palmerston.

Writing in The Sunday Times, Dominic Sandbrook described it as “so bad, so boring, so mind-bogglingly banal that if it had been written by anybody else it would never have been published”.

The historian added: “Did Rees-Mogg really write this? Or did he get the work-experience boy to do it? In any case, the overall effect is soul-destroying. There have been many books on the Victorians, but surely none as badly written.”

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