How would conservatives have reacted to Obama meeting with Kim, liberals ask


This week, commentators debated the significance of President Donald Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Liberals — and many conservatives — said the meeting resulted in nothing of any substance, with some saying it was just a giant photo op and others saying China was the real winner out of the meeting. Some conservatives praised Trump for accomplishing what no other president did — or was willing to do. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank reflected on how conservatives would likely have reacted if, when he was president, Barack Obama had, “sat down with a dictator whose regime had killed hundreds of thousands of people,” “set no specific preconditions for the meeting and secured no commitment on human rights nor any firm promise to denuclearize,” and “praised the dictator in lavish terms.” “But we don’t have to wonder what the reaction would have been to Obama doing such things, because we know what happened when he even floated the idea,” Milbank said. What happened was a crescendo of conservative criticism of Obama.”Republicans are blithely hypocritical in praising Trump for doing the same thing they blasted Obama for suggesting, but at least some Democrats retain enough integrity not to dismiss diplomacy just because it is being attempted by their opponent,” he said.


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