How Jobseekers Can Use Marketing Tools For Effective Job Search


An amateur jobseeker only thinks about searching for job vacancies and job posting online, send resume, and start the waiting game for an interview. After months of waiting and sending more than a hundred resumes in job sites, most job seekers still cannot find a job. Others settle for jobs that they are obviously underpaid.

Every job seeker including newbies deserves to get the job that perfectly fits not just their experience and portfolio, but matches their career goals for the future. To position yourself, a job seeker must apply the same bloodline companies and organizations use – marketing.

Why is marketing applicable to job searching?

In the point of view of any company, a product no matter how great or revolutionary will always end a failure due to poor marketing. Marketing expounds the features and benefit of a product or service and will influence consumers and buyers to purchase their product.

The same holds true to job seekers. How can you set yourself different from all the applicants with the same job title as you are, the same experience, applying for the same job?

Let this article show you how you can utilize marketing tools, concepts, and practices to give yourself an edge as a job seeker.

First, you need to get acquainted with the following key marketing terminologies:

• Strategic Marketing Planning

• Career Market Research

Strategic Marketing Planning for Jobseekers

For businesses, a marketing plan outlines the marketing efforts and goals within a specific timeframe like 12 months. A strategic marketing plan involves identifying goals, objectives, and all marketing activities and tactics.

For a job applicant, you can apply this kind of marketing planning in your own resume template, highlighting the following:

• Your career timeline – past, present, and future.

• Where do you see yourself in the future, for example, in 10 years?

• How can you achieve that goal in the next 10 years (as an example)?

• What specific actions should you do to materialize your plan?

• In case, your plan fails, what’s your plan B and C?

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