GraceLife Church supporters park vehicles on Enoch Cree Nation land without permission


The controversial convoy in support of GraceLife Church stirred up tension on the Enoch Cree Nation not far from the building Sunday.

With limited spots, people parked their vehicles without permission on Enoch Cree Nation land, and a call from the nation to its members was quickly put out.

“A lot of nation members have been showing up. We’ve had our vehicle parked at our entryways to let them know that they are not allowed to park on private property,” Enoch Cree Nation council member Amanda Morin said.

Morin said nation members eventually blocked off several entrances.

In a statement, Parkland RCMP said it advised everyone that property north of Highway 627 in the area of GraceLife Church is Enoch Cree First Nation territory, and parking north of Highway 627 on Enoch Cree First Nation and parking or stopping on the highway itself is not permitted.

The notice that protesters were not welcome and had to leave the land didn’t sit well with some.

“Actually, quite a few of them have been respectful, however, there’s a lot of racial slurs being thrown at us,” Morin said.

Morin said while peaceful efforts were made, some situations escalated.

Enoch Cree Nation Chief Billy Morin said in a release that his property was vandalized.

“People were starting to park here, and the chief was asking them to leave, that they were on private property, and they started throwing dirt at him and his vehicle. They started getting belligerent with him,” Morin said.

“It hurts because we don’t deserve that. All we’re saying is if you want to do your thing, that’s great — just not on our nation.”

She said the nation will be looking into charging people for trespassing and will add additional safety measures.

“We do have security getting set up in shifts so that we can monitor the situation,” Morin said.

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