Farouk Dey on ‘success skills,’ career planning, and how to lure professional opportunities out of hiding


The education that graduate students and postdoctoral fellows receive at Johns Hopkins is among the best in the world, but launching successful careers requires far more than training.

Today, Johns Hopkins University graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will gather on the East Baltimore campus for Professional Development Day, a full-day event dedicated to teaching the interpersonal and leadership skills that will help Hopkins students throughout their careers.

“What other people call soft skills I prefer to call success skills,” says Farouk Dey, vice provost for integrative learning and life design.

An expert in the field of career and experiential learning, Dey joined Johns Hopkins this summer to bridge students’ academic and career goals.

“I want students to think of their entire college journey as an opportunity to propel them towards their future,” he says. “It’s not necessarily only about creating a career but about connecting their experiences and learning with their life aspirations.”

Professional Development Day will feature 10 one-hour breakout sessions covering a range of career competencies such as communication strategies, building and maintaining a professional online presence, time management, and mentoring. The day’s events will conclude with a Happy Hour Fair for participants to network, receive resume feedback, and enjoy refreshments from local ice cream and beer vendors.

In advance of Professional Development Day, the Hub caught up with Dey, who will provide the keynote address, to discuss his vision of integrating education with professional development at Johns Hopkins.

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