Does Meryl Streep Have the Most Oscar Nominations of All Time?

(Original Caption) 04/11/1983-Los Angeles, CA: Meryl Streep at Oscars; won Best Performance by Actress for "Sophie's Choice". UPI color.

After a blockbuster Season One of HBO’s Big Little Lies, everyone attached to the limited series likely considered it impossible to top. Liane Moriarty, the author of the source book, eventually could only imagine a second season if one name entered the picture: That name was Meryl Streep.

While you couldn’t blame Moriarty for dreaming big, little did she know that Streep was a huge fan of the show. In fact, when Streep’s agent said there was a part written just for her in Season Two, the film legend took the job without even reading a script.

With Oscar-winners Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon already aboard, HBO had assembled a dream team for the second installment. But a few Oscars between two cast members would be the last thing that might impress Streep.

Currently, Streep’s three Oscars tie her for the most by a living actor. (Only Katherine Hepburn has won four.) But as far as Academy Award nominations go, no one can match Streep’s lofty total. In fact, no one comes close to the greatest living actress.

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