Coronavirus global updates, June 11: Third worst-hit country, Russia’s infections surpass 500,000

People walk through a downtown shopping district in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Retail shops reopened on Wednesday in Brazil's biggest city after a two-month coronavirus pandemic shutdown that aimed to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: Brazil, with 7,72,416 cases, is the second country to have reported the maximum number of infections after the US so far followed by Russia (4,93,023) and the United Kingdom (291588).

Coronavirus Global Updates:

The total number of coronavirus cases across the world touched 7,360,239 on Thursday while the death toll soared to 4,16,201, with the United States continuing to contribute to a major chunk of it with over 2 lakh infections and 1,12,924 casualties so far. An eminent Indian-American professor has warned that the total death toll in the US from the novel coronavirus pandemic could hit 2,00,000 by September, and has said that expecting a dramatic decrease in COVID-19 cases in the country will be a “wishful thinking.”

Brazil, with 7,72,416 cases, is the second country to have reported the maximum number of infections after the US followed by Russia (4,93,023) and the United Kingdom (2,91,588). India is at the fifth position with 2,86,579 cases. Spain is at the sixth spot with 2,42,280 cases, Italy, Peru, France and Germany with 2,35,763, 2,08,823, 1,92,068 and 1,86,522 infections respectively.

In terms of deaths, UK is at the second position with 41,213 fatalities followed by Brazil (39,680), Italy (34,114), France (29,322) and Spain (27,136), according to the data by John Hopkins Coronavirus Research Centre. Also, as many as 3,454,807 people have recovered from the pandemic so far. Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were identified in China in December 2019.

UK’s deaths could have been halved: Ex-chief scientific advisor

The UK government’s former chief scientific advisor Sir David King said the country could have been “halved” to what it stands today. He said the UK could have avoided as many as 30,000 deaths if the country had imposed the lockdown a week earlier. He added there could have been “no more than 10,000 death”.

Russia’s infections surpass 5 lakh

With over 8,000 new coronavirus cases reported on Thursday, Russia’s Covid-19 caseload surpassed 500,000 today, health officials said. The total number of infections in the third worst-hit country stands at 502,436, including 6,532 deaths. Experts both in Russia and abroad expressed doubts about the country’s remarkably low pandemic death toll, with some alleging that numbers were manipulated for political reasons. The Russian government repeatedly denied the allegations.

This week, Moscow lifted its restrictions including the stay-at-home order allowing citizens to travel freely around the city, and gave a green light for a wide range of businesses such as beauty parlors, restaurants and museums to reopen in the next two weeks.

Post coronavirus, US is on its way to a very big comeback: Trump

President Donald Trump has said that now that people are getting their jobs back and the stock market is booming after the crisis triggered by coronavirus, the United States is on its way to a “very big comeback”. “We are on our way to a very big comeback. The US is doing well in so many ways,” Trump said at the White House on Wednesday.

“You see what’s going on with NASDAQ. We just broke another record yesterday. Some good news came out of the Federal Reserve today, I think some very good news. We’re really doing a financial comeback. The jobs numbers were fantastic. Now we’ll have some other job numbers come up over the next few weeks, and we’ll see how that goes, but I think it’s really good,” Trump said. Trump asserted the next year will be “maybe the best ever economy” that the US has seen.

UK PM offers new ‘support bubbles’ out of COVID-19 lockdown

People living alone in England will be able to stay at other households as part of a further easing of coronavirus restrictions, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday. He announced that, from Saturday, single adults can spend the night at another house in a so-called “support bubble”, which means all members of the bubble must self isolate in case any one member develops symptoms of COVID-19. He said the change aims to help combat loneliness and allow for some further relaxation to the rules, which so far only allow for a gathering of up to six outdoors.

South Korea reports 45 new COVID cases most in Seoul

The continuing weekslong resurgence in Covid-19 cases has led South Korean health authorities to fear that it could develop into a huge wave. The figures announced Thursday bring national totals to 11,947 cases and 276 deaths. Seoul has 21 new infections while 22 other cases are in nearby Incheon and Gyeonggi. South Korea has been reporting around 30 to 50 new cases a day since late May, mostly in the densely populated Seoul area where about half of South Koreas 51 million people live.

Two Brazil governors under fire in probes of COVID spending

Two Brazilian governors came under more fire Wednesday over allegations of corruption related to COVID19 spending with one having his home raided and another set to face an impeachment process. Federal police raided the government palace of Para state in the Amazon region as well Gov Helder Barbalhos home as part of an investigation into alleged fraud in the purchase of ventilators for treating COVID19. The search order targeted a total of 23 addresses in six states and in capital Brasilia, police said in a statement. Barbalho is the second governor to be investigated in relation to suspect medical expenditures during the pandemic.