American Education Week celebrated at Rustin


The public was invited as the West Chester Area School District celebrated American Education Week, during a breakfast, at Rustin High School, last week.

“This gives you the opportunity to meet our students who make our community very special,” Rustin Principal Mark Marano said.

Student Council President Capri Mancini talked about her Rustin education.

“I have personally grown as a person,” she said. “Rustin opened up so many doors and I discovered many of my passions.

“There is something for everyone here.”

Boys Cross Country Team Captain Joe Runzer said his coaches helped mold him as a person, student and runner.

“The coaches helped us mature as men,” he said. “We grew together from it and the team became a family.”

Michaela Bassick is a member of the Art Honor Society.

“These (art) classes are completely different than academic classes,” she said. “It’s more than just about creating a beautiful image — think like an artist and be adaptive.”

Ashely Bassick works with studio art and computer animation.

“Art is as important a form of expression as speaking or writing … maybe more important to explain the world around me from multiple perspectives.

“I want to push myself to be original with my work.”

Jenna Andrew is a photographer and girls tennis team player.

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