A&E doctor, 34, ‘blackmailed her landlord by falsely claiming he had abused his daughter in battle to get back her flat deposit’


An A&E doctor blackmailed a landlord by falsely claiming he sexually abused his own child to get back the deposit on her flat, a tribunal has heard.

Dr Sarah-Louise Addis, 34, accessed his daughter’s medical records after learning she was a sex attack victim and told him to give her the cash back or she would report him to police and social services.

In two text messages sent on the same day, Addis warned him: ‘This is in no way blackmail. I am giving you the chance to settle this and clear your name’, adding: ‘Put the money you owe in my account TODAY’.

The innocent man – known only as Mr B because his daughter is a sex crime victim – was later interviewed by the police but no further action was taken against him.

He subsequently complained to Addis’ employers because his daughter had in fact been abused by someone else, who was jailed for the attacks.

Dr Addis, who worked at Airedale General Hospital in Keighley, West Yorkshire, is also accused of ‘slagging off’ the man’s daughter for having an abortion he had no idea about.

She allegedly goaded him in the street telling him: ‘She wasn’t a good Catholic girl’, he claims.